Friday, June 4, 2010

Blog Topics

This year blogging has been a unique form of our creative writing. Even though blogging has been fun and filled with freedom of speech, I feel that the blog topics that were posted each week were very general. With this I felt that it was hard to create a four paragraph blog on specific posts that were made throughout the year. I will explain to you why I feel this way, and how I think the blog topics could be improved so that the writer could have more creative words.

First, I think the blog topics were much too general. What I mean by this is that the topics didn't have too much "meat" to them. Which means that it was very hard to have a strong opinion on what little information about the topic I had. Even though there were some very good blog topics that were very easy to create a strong opinion on there were still some blog topics throughout the year that frustrated me to the point where I gave up on writing them because I could not think of anything to write on them.

Secondly, I will share my opinion on how blog topics can be improved so that it is much easier to write about them. I think that when a blog topic is created, there should be much more thought put into them, then a last minute idea because you forgot that you had to post a topic. Also I think that you should really think about what topic you choose, and think about if other people would have a strong opinion on your topic.

In conclusion, I think that people should really think about their blog topics before they carelessly post them and frusterate their peers because of the very general topic that they posted. Also they need to really think ahead of time about their topic. I hope that some of the grade 7's will read this blog and really take time next year to provide a good topic for their peers to give their opinion on.

For this week, I commented on Remy's blog about Uniforms.

The Cove

The documentary was very informative. It showed me how mean people could be to animals. I think that this was a very good way of getting the cause attention. The Cove had exciting scenes of the activists trying to get photos and videos of the way they were treating the dolphins. It kept my attention more then most other documentaries. In this blog I will tell you the reasons why I think this documentary was incredibly important to the protection of dolphins.

First, the inhumane slaughtering of dolphins, without people knowing is a huge problem! I feel that the government should be preventing this instead of supporting it. Also that they slaughter so many without people knowing, in a hidden cove! This is why getting proof of the slaughter was so vital to help dolphins because it got people more aware of what is going on right under their nose.

Second, they sold the dolphin meat as whale meat. Dolphin meat has high mercury in it because it there is a lot of pollution in the ocean. When consumed by a human, this can cause fatal illnesses and diseases that can spread throughout the population. This is unacceptable because it is inhumane to both dolphins and humans because of diseases for the humans and slaughtering dolphins.

To conclude, I feel that the slaughtering of dolphins is unacceptable. The government is hiding it and the population of Japan has no clue whats happening right under their nose. Also that the government is supporting the hidden dolphin meat in whale meat packaging even though it is toxic to humans. SAVE THE DOLPHINS!!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Done school, now what?

Well for me its a little hard to think of exactly what I'm planning on doing after school, but I do have a draft plan for at least right now. My idea for what I'm going to do starts of with what I want to be, an architect! Also now where i want to go for my future in architecture and civil engineering in the world. In the paragraphs below i will expand on my idea for the future.

First, my job, an architect. There are many types of architects, and the one i want to be is a civil engineer and design and make blue prints for new public buildings. I want to be an architect because i love building stuff and best of all making designs for them. My idea is to start my own company so that I can be and architect, but also be a successful business man.

Second, where i want to work. I love Canada and North America and have spent most of my childhood traveling all over North America, so anywhere in NA is good. Although there are some favourite places i would want to work in including: Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa and L.A.

Well now you know what I want to be and where I want to work. This is my draft idea or plan for when I'm done school, but that's not for a while so I cant get too excited. I now hope that maybe you can TRY to make your life plan almost half as good as mine!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Where would I go

Many people have great dreams and fantasies about going to brand new and undiscovered planets and solar systems. Although I am not one of these people, in my opinion i feel that the greatest sights and geological landforms are right under are nose. I will explain to you why i believe this is true and why instead of going to new solar systems to travel and take a step on every square inch of the great planet that we already inhabit!

Our planet, planet Earth in my opinion is the most wonderful out of all the planets already discovered. I mean think about most of the other planets we know about are made of gases, so to me that's not really that great. We have so many unbelievable sights and great landforms that in my opinion should be just a little more 'awwwed' over.

I think that, for me instead of going and exploring new places that i would like to enjoy what great things we already have before humans destroy possibly the greatest planet out there. This means that before we all try to migrate to new and mysterious places that we at least think about all the great things we have before we abandon Earth, because of all the pollution.

To conclude I would like to try and take a step on every square inch of the Earths surface before I even think about moving and exploring new planets. With this I hope that least people take in some of this and think just a little more on the great planet we already have before just carelessly destroying it and thinking of new places to inhabit, and marvel over the great and still mysterious things this Earths holds!

Justin Bieber

Hm, Justin Bieber the king of pop, being compared to Micheal Jackson. Both of these statments are being made right now, Justin Bieber has not earned the right to be compared to Micheal Jackson let alone be said to be the new king of pop. In this blog i will tell you why i believe this and why these comparisons are outrageous!

First, the statement about being the new king of pop, i don't think so! Justin Bieber has been around for 2 maybe 3 years and has not even had three albums yet! Justin Bieber may have gotten something like 70 million views on you tube, but Micheal Jackson reached out to hundreds of millions with his music and through that was deemed the king of pop. This is why i don't think Justin Bieber and king of pop should ever be related to each other.

Second, Justin Bieber being compared to Micheal Jackson, this should not even be brought up here are some reasons. Micheal Jackson joined a group with his four brothers when he was 8 and worked very hard, and was worked very hard by his father to be the best, he then went on to have an amazing career with The Jackson 5, then later on had an even more prosperous solo career. Justin Bieber just made some videos on you tube when he was 12 so that his relatives could see him in his singing competition. Also Micheal Jackson reached out with his music to both genders and all ages, well Justin bieber's audience consists of girls from the ages 8-16.

Well...what do you think should he compared to Micheal Jackson, or be the new king of pop! I certainly don't think he should, and i also don't think he has enough potential to ever be compared or deemed the new king of pop!


Uniforms are a necessary item all kids at any private or public school need to wear. Now people may think that this represents our school in tremendous ways to show that all our students are model kids. Well let me explain to you why this may not be true in all cases and why students should not be forced to wear them.

First, we're just kids and should not be forced to wear uniforms that make us seem like we're adults, there is plenty of time for that when we work in an office and have to dress accordingly. Being 13 years old I have had to wear a uniform since kindergarten, year after year, after year its the same old thing gray pants and a white shirt and tie with a sweater. This is not what i kid should have to wear 5 out of 7 days of the week.

Second, very few students actually wear their uniform properly all the time, so does this really represent our school properly. Instead the school should have a dress code but with regular clothing like they do on civvies days. This means that students can still wear what they want just with an appropriate manner.

To conclude i think uniforms are just plain stupid I don't like walking around dressed like i would be when I'm 30. Also that kids should have freedom to dress but within certain boundaries, i believe that this will both represent the school better and let kids wear want they want for their childhood.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Even Song, Even Song, Even Song, how much more boring can it get. Like really can people take in that no 11-18 year old kid wants to take time out of their childhood to be forced to sit through Even song. Actually I should say standing through Even song, I mean sure people take religion very seriously and would want to do that anyways, but not me for I’m not a believer or at least not in religion(sorry Canon Hulse). So here are two reasons why us non-believers should not have to stand through Even Song.

First, our families pay a lot of money to have us go to this school and not for Even Song but for the tremendous education that we are provided with as oppose to a regular public school. I’m sure that me and my parents would much rather have me doing school work than singing hymns. So for this reason I think Even Song should be optional.

Second, I don’t believe in the church or any religion for that matter. To some that is a sin but for me it is a choice and it is truly what I ‘believe’ in. Therefore why should I be forced to stand through Even Song when I don’t even believe in what is being said or sung.

To conclude I think that instead of Even Song we should be learning, because I think most kids would want to learn as oppose to Even Song. Also that it should be a choice to go and not during school but after or before, so that people who are religious can pray and sing and still have the same learning experience as the rest of us.